X-Architects Chairman Ahmed Al Ali was interviewed for WIRED's October...

RUM magazine

X Architects’ Darb Al Mashaer master plan was widely recognized by ...

La Biennale di Venezia

X-Architects principals Ahmed and Farid contributed to the Venice Biennale booklet in 2014.

Arab Contemporary

X-Architects' work was featured in the second chapter of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art's Architecture, Culture and Identity series...

Instant Cities

X-Architects' project Xeritown was featured in the book about emerging trends in Architecture and Urbanism in the Arab World.

Superlative Emirates

X-Architects' work was featured along with fifty other urban design projects in the UAE.

Al Manakh Continued

X-Architects' national housing research was included in Al Manakh Continued, a collaborative project by Archis, AMO, C-Lab, Pink Tank...


X-Architects published in the prestigious Compasses Magazine.

Mark Magazine

Mark Magazine published Al Naseem in their October 2009 issue. Mark Magazine is known to have a radical international perspective,


Brownbook Magazine, an urban lifestyle guide focusing on design and culture across the Middle East and North Africa featured...

Rethinking Dubai's Urbanism

PhD Candidate, Khalid Al Awadhi from the School of Architecture and Regional Planning Program of UT Austin conducted a Delphi study...

MARK Magazine

Mark magazine published the Xeritown project as part of its notice board of upcoming projects.

LUP- The Venice Biennale

X-Architects work "The Urban Shade", in collaboration with MBAD, has been published in the LUP at the Venice Biennale booklet.


The first ever book comprehensively analysing the urban development of the Gulf region by AMO / Archis / Moutamarat...


The House Boat has been published in the December 2007 issue of renowned Italian architectural magazine CasaMica.


X-Architects' project “O” De Squisito House Boat was published in the prestigious 2A magazine.


Architecture Plus published the final year thesis by Farid Esmaeil with the American University of Sharjah.